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Cooperative Canine Group Classes(ON HOLD - if you reached this page, please ignore. Will be updated if classses resume, most likely in POP-Up form)

All group classes are offered on an open enrollment basis. You may enroll in any group class that fits your schedule without fear of missing content should you need to take a day off here and there. You may attend up to 2 sessions per week of the same class.


The Precocious Puppy is a rotating series of 4 classes. Each week, the class will address a different aspect of raising your puppy and getting them socialized. You may attend all 4 classes or just 1 class. As a supplement to this class and our KinderCanine class, we offer Supervised Puppy Playtime on Saturdays at 3:30 pm. This is a 1-hour session of playtime for puppies under the age of 6 months.

Starting with our KinderCanine class, each class will cover the same material with the goal of mastering 5-6 behaviors. On your first day of class, you will receive a Skills Card which specifies the skills you will be working on. Your instructor will punch the card as each skill is mastered. Once you have completed your Skill Card, you may progress to the next level class. KinderCanine and Fundamental 1 cover the same skills. The next level is Fundamental 2, followed by Comprehensive Canine. 

Our Canine Good Citizen Prep class does not use a Skill Card, because the list of skills necessary to pass the assessment are already determined by the AKC.

If your dog has had previous training and does not require the basic class, you may come in for an evaluation to be advanced to the next appropriate level.

All dogs must be friendly with other dogs and people to attend our classes. If you are unsure whether your dog would be a good fit, please schedule an evaluation with a trainer before enrolling in a class.

As per our policy (as posted on our policies page), we do not offer refunds for any classes you attend, regardless of whether you choose to leave early, or for any classes you fail to show up for without 24 hours of notice to cancel or reschedule.

Precocious Puppy



KinderCanine is for puppies 16-24 weeks of age.

In this class we will teach you the basics of clicker training and introduce your puppy to easy behaviors such as sit/down, response to name, stay, and foundations of recall.


KinderCanine is a great way to socialize and train at the same time. After KinderCanine your dog will be ready to join our Fundamental Level 2 class. 

Materials needed for class:

  • Flat buckle collar or harness (no prong or shock collars, please, although a properly fitted Martingale is appropriate for breeds with small heads)

  • 6-foot lead (no retractable leashes please)

  • TREATS! A variety of treats is best, broken into pea sized amounts.

  • Mat/Blanket 

  • TCC will provide you with a clicker

See our FAQ page for more details 


Prerequisite: None

$45 per class

Duration: 4 classes

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The Fundamental Canine

Fundamental Canine is for dogs over the age of 24 weeks.

The Fundamental Canine focuses on core skills your dog needs to be a well-behaved member of your family.

There are two levels of The Fundamental Canine. The first level is appropriate for dogs and guardians who do not have experience training and would like to learn the basics. Level 2 is appropriate for dogs who have learned the basics but wish to pick up intermediate skills. This includes graduates of the Level 1 class and KinderCanine as well as dogs who come from other basic level training classes. If you are coming from a different training class, please contact us to set up an evaluation so we can place you in the correct class.


Each level will focus on 5 core skills.

The Fundamental Canine Level 1 and Level 2


Level 2 requires completion of Level 1 or equivalent

$45 per class

Materials needed for class:

Flat buckle collar or Y-shaped harness

6-foot lead, no retractable leashes please


TREATS! A variety is best, broken into pea sized amounts. 

The Cooperative Canine - zach-lucero-Wjz

The Comprehensive Canine

The Comprehensive canine is our level 3 course for dogs

6 months or older. 

The Comprehensive Canine takes your training to the next level. Build a better bond with your dog through exercises designed to increase your dog's focus and attention on you. This course will emphasize improving foundation skills with distractions and lays the groundwork for succeeding in attaining your Canine Good Citizen.


In this class, dogs will work to master a set of 5 skills:

  • Leave it 2

  • Mat 2

  • Recall 3

  • Stay 3

  • Loose Leash Walking 2


Class schedule is available on your customer portal account under Group Classes. No more than 2 sessions per week, and they cannot be scheduled on back to back days. 


You can request a group class evaluation if your dog has previously completed a training course outside of TCC.

Check out our FAQ page for more details. 

The Comprehensive Canine

Prerequisite: Fundamental Level 2 or group class evaluation

$45 per class

Duration: 6 classes

Materials needed for class:

Flat buckle collar or Y-shaped harness

6-foot lead, no retractable leashes please


TREATS! A variety is best, broken into pea size amounts. 

The Cooperative Canine Good Citizen Dog Corgi.PNG

Canine Good Citizen Prep

Our Canine Good Citizen Prep class is our level 4 class that prepares your dog for the Canine Good Citizen Assessment. 

The class will focus on specific skills your dog will need to pass. All skills will need to be done without rewards/treats.

Some of these skills are but not limited to:​ 

  • Greets a friendly stranger

  • Sits politely for petting

  • Walks as directed on a loose leash

  • Comes when called


Canine Good Citizen is set up as an open enrollment class. You can come to as many sessions you need until you feel confident your dog will pass the assessment. We recommend at least 5 sessions. Sessions are scheduled through your customer portal. No more than 2 sessions per week, and they cannot be scheduled back to back. 

If your dog has completed training at another facility they will need to take a Group Class Evaluation, the cost for an evaluation is $20.00 and can be scheduled using your customer portal.


Assessments for certification are done at The Cooperative Canine. 

*No refunds once class has started

Canine Good Citizen Prep

The Comprehensive Canine or Group Class Evaluation

 $45 per class

Frequently Asked Questions

How many handlers can attend?
At this time we only allow for 2 handlers per dog.
No children under 12 are allowed as handlers.

How do I send Vaccination Records?
You can send records to or upload them to your customer portal account. 

What do I need to bring to class?
6-foot Lead - no retractable leads
Flat Buckle Collar OR Y-Shaped Harness 
TCC will provide a clicker.
TREATS! A variety of treats broken into pea sized amounts

Is there material to work on at home?
There's always work to do outside of class! Review your Skills Card for the behaviors to practice at home. Consistent work outside of class is the key to building a reliable behavior. 

Where is the class schedule?
To view a class schedule you need to create a customer account through our customer portal, located on the main page. 

Are make-up classes available?
Since you are choosing classes that work with your schedule we do not offer makeup classes.
You are able to reschedule
your session by contacting 24 
hours before your
scheduled class.

The Fudamental Canine
Canine Good Citizen Prep
The Comprhensive Canine
The Coopertive Canine -joe-caione-qO-PIF84Vxg-unsplash.jpg

Precocious Puppy


Precocious Puppy is for pups 6-15 weeks of age. 

This class offers the opportunity to socialize your pup in a structured environment. We offer this course on Saturday and Sunday from 11 am - 12 am.  


In our Precocious Puppy class, we cover the topics you need to raise a well-adjusted, happy puppy. These topics include:

  • what socialization is, why it's important, and how to do it

  • appropriate puppy-puppy play

  • potty training

  • crate training

  • preparing your puppy for the groomer and vet

  • examining your puppy for signs of injury or illness

  • preventing jumping and excessive nipping

  • helping your puppy relax

  • building and maintaining a solid recall (come when called)

Your puppy will get a chance to explore potentially scary items that they may come into contact with during the course of their lives, such as vacuums, stairs, noises, and things that move, and you will participate in introducing these novel items in a positive way to your puppy.

Items to bring for class:

  • Crate (if desired)

  • Blanket/towel/mat

  • TREATS! A mixture of treats is best, broken into pea sized pieces.

See our FAQ page for more details. 

Precocious Puppy

Prerequisite: None

$45 per class

Duration: 4 classes

Level 1

Name Attention/Eye Contact


Intro to Place

Recall 1

Stay 1

Level 2

Loose Leash Walking 1

Stay 2

Gracious Greeting

Recall 2

Leave It/Drop It

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