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Cooperative Canine Walk and Train

Walk and Train

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Basic manners walk and train skills include but are not limited to:

  • Response to name/recall

  • Ignoring distractions

  • Responding to leash pressure

Leash reactivity training includes safe, slow exposure to other dogs on leash in order to desensitize your dog and reduce anxiety when seeing other dogs.

Tired of getting dragged around by your dog on walks? Does it feel like your dog is walking you? Or maybe you would like to build upon the foundation walking skills your dog already has. We help your dog get the exercise they need as well as supplemental training.

TCC's walk and train service is a great place to start.

We work on basic leash walking manners and leash reactivity. Prior to starting this service you will have a meet and greet with your trainer to determine if your dog needs basic manners or behavioral leash training. Each session lasts 50 minutes with approximately 30 minutes devoted to walking and 20 minutes devoted to training. While we offer a flexible number of visits per week, we recommend a minimum of 3+ visits to obtain the best results. This program is not suited for dogs who need very intensive training, as the majority of the sessions are spent on the walking portion.

To get more information about this service, please fill out the intake form below. 

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