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Private Consults

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We offer in-person or remote training sessions tailored to fit your dog's needs.

Each session is approximately 1 hour. 

Your trainer will schedule an initial consultation with you to discuss your goals, evaluate your dog, and create a realistic training plan with you. You have the option to pay for single sessions as you go or to buy a package of 4 or more for a discount.

Basic manners consults may address the following skills:

  • Attention to name

  • Sit/down

  • Stay

  • Leave it

  • Come when called

  • Leash manners

  • Polite greetings

Behavior modification consults may address the following behavioral issues:

  • Reactivity to other dogs or people

  • Shy or fearful dogs

  • Aggression (no bite history greater than a level 3 bite)

  • Resource guarding

  • Owner guarding

  • Acclimating new animals to the household

  • Poor socialization skills

Private consults are best suited for people who have time to practice training daily with their dogs. While we can give you the tools to improve your dog's behavior, you are the one who must implement the training between sessions. If you are a busy professional who does not have time to train your dog, we offer our In-Home Day Training Program to help dogs learn basic manners. The In-Home Day Training Program is not suitable for behavior modification.

We do not work with separation anxiety, however we highly recommend this DIY Separation Anxiety course offered by a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.

* There are no refunds on this service

* To receive the discount you must purchase 4 or more sessions

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